Tales From Rivelin

by Northern Oak

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The debut album, which was recorded between May and December 2007 and released in early 2008. The album was recorded, produced, mixed and mastered by Chris Mole using his own technology, and received positive reviews from some music magazines including a score of 7/10 from Terrorizer and a score of 5/6 from Zero Tolerance.

Press for 'Tales From Rivelin':

Zero Tolerance Magazine: "The first song on this full-length album could almost be early 70s prog/folk, but thereafter very English folk-metal takes centre stage. This is pleasant, well-played, not massively heavy music, at times with an epic Summoning-like touch, at others almost like 70s superstars Focus. Vocals vary between fey folkish singing and gruff Forefather like rawness and overall this is an accomplished very nicely produced piece of work. 5 out of 6."

Terrorizer Magazine: "Northern Oak tick all the boxes in the neofolk metal sphere; stunning artwork, classical instruments and an in-sleeve quote from Rudyard Kipling. The group leans strongly on that all-important riff without pushing the flutes and pianos to one side. Think Elizabethan metal, think old English countryside, think a Ploughman`s lunch, think a walk through the woods dressed as a knight. 7/10."

Planet-Loud.com: "Sheffield-dwelling sixsome Northern Oak forge sprawling blackened folk metal pieces rich in craft and coated with plenty instrumental ability. Pagan-inspired melodies break open shattering thrashy caves of black metal darkness, flute forays and keyboards casting a more magical warmth to a sound exploring the balance of spirituality and nature played out with an awful lot of heart and constant focus. Having gigged locally the band's debut album 'Tales From Rivelin' received high praise from the respected likes of Zero Tolerance and Terrorizer and the guys are currently working on new material whilst striving to spread the folk metal word with more live shows rumored to be on the cards. Keep alert, for Northern Oak are itching to cast their forward-thinking mystical metal upon your very ears..."


released March 1, 2008

Lyrics: James Harris/Elliot Sinclair/Lindsey Campbell
Music: Chris Mole/Elliot Sinclair/Daniel Loughran


all rights reserved



Northern Oak Sheffield, UK

Founded in early 2006 during a wintry excursion to the Peak District, Northern Oak have been spreading their unique brand of flute-heavy progressive folk metal across Sheffield and the rest of the UK ever since.

Our music sounds like Jethro Tull played by extreme metal fans with an appreciation for everything from Pink Floyd to Emperor.
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Track Name: Sun Behind The Hill
We all come from the Goddess

And to her we shall return

Like a drop of rain

Flowing to the ocean
Track Name: Winter's Demise
A burning spring sun shines golden death,
fated to slay mortal frost,
winter's flesh melting away,
icy blood staining the soil.
Preying on the ancient beast,
a huntsman of change bravely stands,
wielding a mighty thorned club,
spring tears its doomed quarry.

Locked in the cycle of seasons,
as the Earth revolves 'round the sun,
locked in eternal conflict,
'til Winter and Summer are one.

Slain lieth the fiend of winter,
crushed carrion sacrifice,
melted detritus seeping away,
devoured by the feasting earth.
Another year's gruesome battle,
the slaughter of the leeching evil,
but when the darkened times arrive,
the beast will rise again.




Chorus x2
Track Name: Maiden
Beneath the twilight sun
A young maiden stood,
At her conjugal altar,
Ardently awaiting her swain.

Through labyrinths of hedges, she at last him did spy.
In all his gleaming armour, how long she had yearned for this day.


Him she did follow,
Away from the altar,
And through worlds of mist so thick,
Whence the helpless sun does but shudder and flee.

Alas his tracks soon were lost,
As ghostly snow descended,
She wept amongst the banshees,
In the cold forsaken woodland.

But there remained a flicker of hope,
As torchlight she did spy,
And this, she followed...

Her legs grew weak though,
And ghostly clouds concealed her,
As she lay paralysed,
By Morpheus' kiss.

Then from her slumber,
A cold embrace did awake her,
Such glee reborn as her eyes met her knight's,
Forever safe in his arms.


But such merry fate would not meet her face,
For behind a countess lay,
Who with passion did taste,
Her knight's betraying lips.

Closer they drew to the girl,
With a smile that made her lips tremble,
'til her bridal veil swiftly turned,
To shrouded attire.


How she cried
As twin daggers bled from their mouths
And gnawed
Into her virgin flesh.

But her helpless cries
Were but a siren's song
To the ears of the knight
And Countess

"Hush, sleep deep Endymion... and taste sweet immortality.
As I pour my potion into your cauldron
Behold this beauty... that only death could inspire!"
Track Name: Aurora Diabolus
Snowfields stretching before me,
withering trees, sullen skies.
Snowfields swallowing up all life,
icy grasp enfolds the sun.
Darkness rises from the mountains,
world revolving into night.
Darkness stained by spreading crimson,
staring down upon the blight.

Aurora! Diabolus! x4

Winds of change disturb the snow,
leering faces looking down.
Winds of death will always blow,
lightning splits the lifeless ground.
Devil's host, howling, shrieking,
called forth by an evil dawn.
Devil's wrath, crimson thunder,
quaking, quivering flesh is torn.


Magnificus Lucifer, dare ego vester imperium! Dare ego vester divinus gloria!! Grando diabolus!


Antiquus malum resurrectio, exuro clementia intus vester flamma... cruciatus, trunco, diripio, cruor!
Track Name: Lost In The Dusky Moors
Track Name: Madness of the Feral Moon
Forest soaked in a ghostly glow,
in the village a monstrous woe,
the lupine call of the silver moon.
Beckoning! Summoning!

Howling changeling of lunar birth,
altered shape stalking the earth,
a savage night spent under the curse.
Skulking! Hunting!

Down there in the heedless town,
the seething hex at its gory crown,
bloodlust and rage amongst the gloom,
the madness of the feral moon!

Night of the wolf a fatal time,
desert the camps, flee the mine,
hide away from the wolfen fiend.
Harking! Tracing!

The final scream of helpless prey,
shredded and torn in a frenzied way,
human meat a vicious feast.

Guitar solo- Flute solo- Guitar solo- Keyboard solo

Down there in the heedless town,
the seething hex at its gory crown,
bloodlust and rage amongst the gloom,
the madness of the feral moon!

Blood has fallen, silence resounds!
Broken by the screaming hounds!
Run back to your earthen tomb!
Suffer the madness of the feral moon!
Track Name: Woodland Whispers
Dusk's burning kiss descends on a green field
Where once, two lovers so serenely slept,
Yet now, mere torment and anguish is wept,
From the grievous eyes of the mourning knight.

"Hespera... I invoke thee..."

The lost, widowed shepherd
Still awaiting his love's return
Is led by his herd through the perpetual fields
And the last huntsman
Of the forest
Returns to his empty cottage

The night-wishing owl seizes the robin's tree throne
Which mournfully weeps its last autumn leaves,
Whilst the moon, she slumbers in her deep sea of stars,
Oh, sleepy, silent forest!

Beneath the forsaken yew,
A grieving man does lie,
Curled up and alone as if to imitate death.
How he cries to the moon,
But only wolves respond,
Do mournfully respond.

"Dear Fate, please loosen your cruel choking shrouds,
Rekindle our unity for one last spring",
His desperate prayers echoed through the moors,
Soon to be hushed by the forest folk.

Then through the feral darkness, a bright light did shine,
Dancing and swaying to whispers of night
A colourful laughter did through the misty air resound
Bewitching, bemusing his once-sombre soul.

" 'neath this celestial blanket,
Let our fatigued eyes rest,
May the busy stars guide my lost, broken ship,
Across the waveless lakes,
Through the still, moonlit fields
To the Northern Oaked forests,
And home to thee."

These sweet woodland whispers at last to him returned,
And his love again lay wedlocked beside him,
The cozy midnight leaves did craft them a bed,
They slept beneath the dawning sky 'til the morrow was told.

When the sun's radiant army eclipsed the moon,
Its playful hand teased his dew-clad eyes,
The roaming deers' kiss unfettered his hands
From the icy clasp of winter.

He turned to greet his one true love,
But his tearful eyes did spy,
Beside him, an mere empty leaf bed
Where abandoned hope did lie.

Beneath this forsaken yew,
Where they had once embraced,
A lonely cradle now swings so poetically.

"Doth my lovelorn heart not belong with thee... in Zenith?"

From this cradle on the tree top,
His tortured neck gently rocks,
When the bough breaks, the cradle will fall,
Down he will come, cradle and all...
Track Name: Greensleeves